Traitor's Gate
Traitor's Gate released 1994
The Traitors Gate cover was banned and first issued in a black cardboard slipcase until the cover was reprinted with the heads blacked out. The album was reissued on clear vinyl in 2016 and released with its previously banned cover. Disk 2 of the clear vinyl reissue has the demo recordings also recorded at Mandala Studios in November 1993.

Track listing
A1 - Streets Of Anarchy
A2 - Be What You Want To Be
A3 - Traitor's Gate
A4 - Power For A Day
A5 - Fireworks
A6 - S.A.D.
B7 - My Hotel Room
B8 - Guns In Paradise
B9 - We Dare
B10 - Floating In The Dark
B11 - This Is Now
B12 - Nightmares
C13 - Be What You Wanna Be
C14 - Fireworks
C15 - Floating In The Dark
C16 - Guns In Paradise
D17 - Power For A Day
D18 - Build An Ark
D19 - Streets Of Anarchy
D20 - My Hotel Room
D21 - We Dare (In German)

Gene October - lead vocals; Nic Austin - guitars, vocals; Rob Miller - guitar
Mat Sargent - bass; Stuart Soulsby - drums
Produced by Dave Goodman
Recorded at Mandala Studios, Gypsy Hill, London.