AlternativeUS - No Escape
Alternative Hits 1980

(No Flowers - from album)
The original cover was banned in the U.S and issued as 'No Escape' for this territory.

Track Listing
A1 No Escape
A2 Urban Kids
A3 No Flowers
A4 All The Downs
A5 Right To Work
A6 Look At The Outside
B1 What Would You Do
B2 No One's Coming Outside
B3 The Loner
B4 Don't Get Me Wrong
B5 Decide
B6 Come On
CD Bonus Tracks
13 High Rise Living
14 No Admission
Gene October - vocals; James Stevenson - guitar (Tracks A1-A4,A6-B2,B4-B6);
Henry Daze - bass (Tracks A5,B3,13-14); Carey Fortune- drums (Tracks A5,B3,13-14);
Dave Martin - guitar (Tracks A2-A3); Geoff Myles - bass (Tracks A2-A3);
Steve J. Jones - drums (Tracks A2-A3); Chris Bashford - drums (Tracks A1,A4,A6-B2,B4-B6)