Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1982

Track Listing
A1 - It's About Time
A2 - Back On The Crazy Train
A3 - We Don't Believe You
A4 - They Don't Care What You Want
A5 - Something Wrong In Your Head
A6 - Fuck All
B1 - You've Gotta Survive
B2 - Johnny Has No Respect
B3 - You Never Ever Listen
B4 - Promises
B5 - Saturday Night Sunday Morning
B6 - Someone Like You
B7 - Talk About It
Gene October - lead vocals; James Stevenson - guitar; Nic Austin - guitar; Mat Sargent - bass; Lee Morrell - drums.
Recorded at Panther Studios, Surrey. Produced by Dick Crippen. Released in 2015 on CD and red vinyl.